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How is a swim spa different to a backyard swimming pool?

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Deliberating between an inground backyard pool and a Swim Spa?

Thanks to technological advances, today you no longer have to choose between the bubbling massage of a hot tub and the toning aquatic workout of a pool. Called swimspas, these combination swim-in place pools/healing hot spas offer the best of both worlds right in your back yard.

A swim spa is a great alternative to the backyard swimming pool for many reasons:

  • it can be heated
  • It will fit in a smaller backyard
  • It also provides heated hydromassage
  • A fully self contained swim spa can easily be placed onto a suitable concrete slab, whereas a swimming pool requires a much more involved installation
  • easier to maintain

Yes the typical backyard swimming pool is larger than most swim spas but this means it would be costly and difficult to heat. Especially throughout the cooler months you will find you’ll get much more use out of a swim spa that’s energy efficient to keep at your desired temperature

Catering for smaller house lot sizes

With house lot sizes becoming smaller these days, the swim spa has grown in popularity as it’s compact and portable compared to a swimming pool. Some of the smaller swim spas on the market are only 2.3x4.0m in size whereas a backyard swimming pool tends to need much more space.

Massage jets are not offered in backyard swimming pools

Sometimes when a spa is attached to a concrete pool, they will plumb around 10 small jet in, but this is nothing compared to the fully jetted loungers that are available opposite the swim end in a swim spa. Swim spas already have hydropumps installed to power the swim jets so manufacturers will usually add seated massage jets at the other end; simply turn the diverter valves on the topside of your spa to divert the water pressure to the spa end. You can also choose to have maybe one massage seat operating whilst the hubby is swimming against the jets at the other end by selecting another water/pump diverter option. Swim spa are very flexible compared with a swimming pool. If I had the money for both, I agree a swimming pool is a beautiful addition to your backyard but I think you’ll find you get much more use all year round from a swim spa

Ease of installation

A swim spa can be craned into your backyard in an hour or so; the minimum requirement is a suitable concrete slab to support the weight of the swim spa and water, then an electrician to complete the power hook up. Whereas a more costly swimming pool installation will require weeks of muddy excavation work, preparation, concrete pouring, paving and equipment plumbing to install. Of course you can add decking and backyard landscaping to a swim spa as well but, if budget is a consideration, at least you can get a fully functioning swim spa into your backyard ready to enjoy, then spend money on the surrounding at a later date.

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