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Neck & Shoulder Massage System

our wrap-around jet configuration targets the pressure points of the neck and shoulder areas of your upper back; reaching deep into muscles where tension is often held. 4 powerful jets have been positioned within our integrated, padded headrest. Each jet can be individually adjusted for water volume & flow direction, allowing you to enjoy a therapeutic massage suited to your needs.

Reflexology Footcell

Stimulate pressure points within the soles of your feet. Based on the theory that stimulation of pressure points within the soles of your feet will benefit your entire body, we have strategically positioned jets to create the ultimate massage system Whilst supporting your feet and lower legs, our ‘at rest’ angled foot recess will treat your aching feet to a ‘foot rub’ that never has to end.

Oxygen Detox ‘Bed of Bubbles’

Together with the powerful hydrojet massge, this air jet system relaxes, not only your muscles, but your entire body, nervous system and even your mind. It also promotes healthy circulation, stomach digestion, lung function and can help your lymphatic system get rid of toxins and waste which may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Maintain Motion

The warm water of a spa pool is a safe, supportive aid to relieving the pain and stiffness of arthritis. Your body becomes almost weightless as it’s submerged in water, helping to ease discomfort caused by stiff joints, keep them moving, increase their range of motion and maintain muscle strength.

Stimulate Problem Areas of the Thighs & Buttocks

Exercising in water has added benefits to landbased activity. Your muscles are challenged from all directions by the surrounding water as you swim, jog, walk, run and stretch. Massage jets will stimulate blood flow in problem areas of the thighs and buttocks, simulating the benefits of exercise.

Reduce Back & Neck Pain

Immersion in water substantially reduces the weight-bearing effects of gravity on the lower extremities and spine. Back & neck pain can be significantly reduced by the turbulence of your spa water as your body is supported in a weightless state by the aerated jet streams.

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