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Swim Spas are a great alternative to a swimming pool with the ability to use it all year round, with low cost of heating and cooling by way of modern heat pump technology.

Sapphire swim spas come in many sizes, from 4 metre up to 6 metres long and different layouts to suit the customer’s area. From plunge pools to the 6 metre dualzone model (with the swim spa one end and the spa at the other)  you can run each section to your desired temperature. The choice of different models in the range allows for different customer budgets and needs.

Our  Clearzone ozone system keeps your water crystal clear with a minimum of chemical used so you can swim, exercise or just relax all year round. Sapphire swim spas are all made a 40mm galvanised steel frame ensuring its strength over time, the shells and cabinets are insulated and sealed to reduce running costs.

The state of art control systems allow you to personalise the running of your spa with  the ability to fit the Wi-Fi link, where the customer can control the spa from any where there is internet connection, intergraded transducer speaker sound system is also available. Our range swim spas come with standard long lasting cedar cabinets or Duratek cabinets and Australian made lockable hard cover with choice of colours. Our efficient plumbing is designed so that you have full control over the flow of up to four swim jets to suit the customers swimming ability.

With years of experience in the spa industry, we know what it takes to install user friendly swim spas for our clients based throughout the Adelaide region. We use premium quality materials to manufacture the best in class outdoor swim spas that pass the test of time in terms of both performance and durability. The team at Affordable Spas will ensure a smooth and quick installation process from start to finish.

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