Powersmart Technology

POWERsmart control intelligence

Affordable Spas promises you the lowest daily operating cost on your spa pool. Smart software and Dynamic Thermal Tuning allows us to offer you the most power efficient spa control system available.

Heat&Cool pump technology

converts every 1.1kw of power into 5.5kw of heating energy, to lower your spa heating costs, using up to 75% less energy than a conventional electric heater and 50% less energy than natural gas. The spas that will benefit from this upgrade, have been manufactured ‘heat&cool pump ready’ to allow you to add-on this energy saving component in the future.

POWERsmart variable heater

Optimises your hot spa experience by maximising heating output compared with ‘load shedding’ shutdown. The days of on/off heater control are over; the POWERsmart variable heater will automatically reduce its power requirements, to maximise heating input whilst spa is in use.

Crystal clear water with minimal use of chemicals

Our automatic filtration looks after water purity for you. Our CD ozone purification system is up to 5x more efficient than conventional UV water treatment methods.

Heatlock7 insulation

The best way to reduce heat loss and keep running costs to a minimum. Our heatlock7 system allows Sapphire to create the most energy efficient spa in the World today.

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