Colour Palette

Colour Palette

Sapphire Spas are custom made to order right here in Australia, so you can choose from our range of acrylic colours to work in with the design of your backyard.

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It’s not enough that our spas perform perfectly, they also have to look beautiful - stylish and sophisticated with the tones and colours that suit your home. Our colour palette is modern and contemporary, but more importantly the colour cast remains consistent across the entire spa shell; no colour fades or blotches; each spa really is a work of art.

Sapphire Spas only use fade resistant, high quality acrylic to maintain original colour & texture, maintenance free smooth contours

Comfortable to touch yet tough enough to outlast all other spa shell materials, acrylic promises a lifetime warranty. Fade resistance maintains original colour and texture, non-slip surfaces ensure your safety and smooth contours provide maintenance free enjoyment.

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